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Transcription Product Profiling Service
Using HiCEP Technology

Comprehensive, high performance gene expression analysis
that doesn't depend on previous genetic information


We have begun a high sensitivity gene expression profiling service on an outsourcing basis using the HiCEP comprehensive transcription product profiling technology.

HiCEP technology allows us to compare and detect genes with differing levels of transcription product expressed between multiple samples, regardless of whether or not sequence information is known. When necessary, we can decode the sequence for the target gene.

Because MessengerScape does not depend on previous knowledge about any given gene (sequence, cDNA clones or libraries, etc.) it can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from analyzing expression levels of specific genes to searching for new genes or gene markers, and construction of broad expression networks.

image/pochi More exhaustive, greater reproducibility, and higher detection sensitivity than conventional hybridization techniques.
image/pochi Expressed transcription products can be detected even when expression level or sequence information is unknown.
image/pochi Can detect over 15,000 transcription products with expression differentials as low as 1.5X.
image/pochi Target transcription product cloning, sequence decoding, and gene identifying are all possible with the same sample used for detection.

What is HiCEP Technology?

HiCEP Technology  consists of the three pillars of MS-Profiling, MS-Sequencing, and MS-Search.

1. MS-Profiling measures the types and quantities of transcription products expressed in samples. 10,000-20,000 transcription products can be detected per sample.
2. MS-Sequencing uses results from MS-Profiling to select cDNA fragments originating from the target transcription products, then sequences the target transcription product fragments analyzed by MS-Profiling.
3. MS-Search uses MessengerScape's gene database to identify and estimate the target transcription products from the cDNA fragment sequences obtained with MS-Sequencing.

Figure1  The MS technology system and examples of use

Figure 1    The HiCEP technology system and examples of use

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