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Client samples

We require at least two biogenic samples to perform comparison of transcription product expression levels. These samples must contain 5 µg of total RNA (more than 0.5µg/µL) .

image/pochi After receiving samples MessengerScape will evaluate degreadation and other factors to determine whether or not sample quality is sufficient.
image/pochi MessengerScape does not accept autopsy samples or samples which may be infected with a virus.

Services provided

  • Quality data for each RNA sample
  • Expression level data for each peak per sample (left figure below)
    (this data can be imported into DNA array analysis software)
  • Comparative expression analysis among samples (right figure below)
  • Measurement quality data for each sample
  • Base sequence analysis data for transcription product fragments from customer-designated peaks
  • Homology search results on sequences obtained with MS-Sequencing

Related Services

Although our primary services revolve around MS-Profiling, MS-Sequencing, and MS-Search, we also offer a host of other services. Please ask your representative or MessengerScape about outsourcing services such as DNA array fabrication, transgenic and knockout mouse creation, full length cDNA and genomic DNA cloning, recombinant cultures, and expression and purification of recombinant proteins.

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